U.S. Presentation Flag Sets :
Deluxe and G-SPEC
Pictured here is a 3 ft. x 5 ft. U.S. 7 ft. Deluxe Presentation Flag Sets.

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G-SPEC U.S. Presentation Flag Sets are available in the following configurations and all include Pole Hem & Fringe, Oak Flagpole with Ferrule, Gilt-finish brass eagle ornament, Weighted cast-iron 12" Stand for 1-�" pole diameter, Golden Tassles.

  • 7' Indoor Presentation Set with 3' x 5'8-3/8" G-SPEC American Flag
  • 9' Indoor Presentation Set with 4'4" x 5'6" G-SPEC American Flag

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  • Presentation Flag Sets

    Presentation Flag Sets are used in lobbies, offices, court chambers and schools all over the country. The Five Star Flags Presentation Flag Sets are furnished with the finest quality mountings to complement the finest decor. Each deluxe sets contains a highly polished two-piece oak-finish pole with brass screw jount, eagle, golden yellow cord and tassels and highly polished floor stand.

    Determine what height you require! These kits are available in the following configurations:
  • 7 foot Pole with 3 ft by 5 ft U.S. Flag in Perma-Nyl
  • 8 foot pole with 3 ft by 5 ft U.S. Flag in Perma-Nyl
  • 9 foot Pole with 4 ft. by 6 ft. U.S. Flag in Perma-Nyl

    Each Perma-Nyl U.S. Flag is made of the finest qulity 100% heavyweight nylon, and are the standard for indoor display and parades. The bright, glossy finish gives a superb appearance to this rich-looking set. The flags are manufactured with rayon embroidered stars and come with cotton-lined pole hems and leather table and beautiful golden yellow rayon bullion fringe.
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